Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Silence & Noise

I thought I would start a blog mainly about the day to day events in my life. My thoughts, feelings and just every day things.

We live within walking distance to the local Supermarket and as I was walking there a car went past with music so loud that the young person driving the car would be oblivious to any emergency vehicles. He had the windows rolled down and the nosie followed him like a living thing.

A little further on there was a work vehicle parked on a vacant block with music so loud it could be heard long before it was seen. There were 2 workmen erecting a fence around the peremiters.

It made me think why do most people find silence so hard to deal with. Are we afraid of silence?
Are we afraid of what thoughts might come crowding into our brain if we stop to listen!
Will the silence tell us things that we don't want to hear? There are so few chances in life to enjoy silence.
I love the silence of the house in the morning. Knowing that I am the only one awake that I can sip my coffee and hear the ocean breaking in the distance. I love the silence while I stitch - just enjoying the soothing motion of pulling the needle through the fabric - running my fingers over my stitching and marvelling at the creation of it all. I love the silence of walking hand in hand with the one I love along the sea shore. Knowing that we don't need words to express what we feel.
Silence wraps me like a blanket
Telling me that I 'm alone and
yet I 'm not alone
Thoughts in my head whirl round and round
whispering and sighing like a summer breeze
Silence is craving to be shattered into a million shards
Oh please let me just have a minute more of


Chars said...

Silence in my busy household is a rare thing that I hold with both hands and TREASURE!

I am easily distracted and need silence to concentrate - One reason I guess why I feel some days I never achieve anything!

Sue said...

Oh lovely, I love silence and to listen to just 'nothing' bliss!